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The National Electrical Contractors Association is hosting a 6-hour program designed to prepare entrepreneurs, would-be entrepreneurs, and business owners to take a step into the world of public works construction contracting.

Who should attend?

If you own a small construction company and would like to work on government contracts, this for you! If you are considering starting a small construction company or business that services the construction industry, this is for you! If you are just curious about the construction industry and want to know more, this is for you too!

Why should you attend? Public works contracting helps you:

·         Work for yourself!

·         Grow your company!

·         Work in an exciting and challenging industry!

·         Feel pride at seeing projects you help build in your own community!

·         Make money!


Doing business with local public agencies can be lucrative IF you know how it works. Public works can be more complicated than private construction projects and that’s why this program was created. Learn the basics so you can decide if this is the industry for you.

Specific FREE resources will be provided through this program, so you aren’t on your own to figure it out. There are MANY programs and people available to help you every single step that it takes to be successful in the construction industry!

You will learn:

1.      What is public works construction

2.      What is needed to be a public works contractor, subcontractor, supplier, vendor

3.      How to get certified as a small, diverse business and how it can help you win work

4.      Where are the many small and micro public works project opportunities

5.      What types of small construction projects are needed by local public agencies

6.      Which public agency is best aligned with your small company or the type of work you do

7.      What it takes to get prequalified to do public works projects

8.      How to get bonded and what it takes

9.      What is Labor Compliance and why you need to know

10.  Project Labor Agreements can be profitable. Really

11.  How to find mentors in the construction industry

12.  Where to go to improve your credit

13.  FREE ^^^ Free resources that will help you do everything listed above ^^^ FREE

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